About us

Ladies and gentleman,

the company ARFERO s.r.o. was founded in 2007. Our CEO trained at "that company" in the Czech Republic - AUTO SKODA in Mlada Boleslav. After studies (BWL and Sportökonomie) and several years of export management at a larger, regional wholesale company, he founded his private company ARCONMAG-AWD-RB in Hof / D.

Our products come primarily from the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, the EU, and the rest of Europe and Asia.

The range of goods ranges from cast products (castings) and steel processing (all types) to the production of transport and storage containers. We supply small parts for the automotive industry as well as large parts for the steel and construction industries, such as railings and bridge parts. Production or processing takes place according to technical drawings or, in the case of spare parts, according to samples and technical specifications. Large and individual pieces are just as possible as the production of small and mass-produced parts. On request, the workpieces can be supplied with heat and/or surface adjustment.

We are constantly trying to find new ways to imrove and grow as a whole. We not only search for companies and customers interested in our products, but also offer them the opportunity to sell their products and services through our company in Western and Eastern European countries. Other processing alternatives of production and delivery are possible based on specific requirements.

We also offer support/mediation in the distribution of production in Eastern Europe or the EU. We support you at industrial fairs, international exhibitions, when looking for a suitable place and when establishing your branch. We could research the sales market for your products for you. Are you looking for a strong partner in Eastern or Western Europe or the EU? We will help you.

Due to our skills, experience and very good geographical location (Aš/CZ) in the D/CZ border area in the heart of Europe, we are convinced that we are the right partner, contact intermediary and representative for all interested parties. All in cooperation with our partner company ARCONMAG-AWD-RB located in Hof/D.

We are always at your disposal for questions about contracts and the possibility of cooperation in new markets and economic contacts.

Our goal is a satisfied customer and supplier. We respond quickly, cheaply and reliably. We are very happy to receive your questions / offers / requests.